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Here is where we invite you
the possibility to align yourself
with our expanding influence in the publicity arena!
You too can perform the tasks
of serving your community
and benefiting it, and yourself, by joining the express!

Integrity, loyalty, willingness, are but a few
of the requirements needed to participate,
in the town where you live, the place where you work.
Focus and determination are essential.
But above all, patience and dedication.
Thereafter, we can expect the desired results!

Questions? Inquisitive?
Find out by contacting us! We'll provide the details! 

your own local advertising agency

  • Become an agency of in your hometown!
  • Help others to publish their ads!
  • Have the support of an international agency, we'll show you how!

Full or Part Time, Local or International!

Q. What are the requirements to become an agency of
A. You must have an inordinate desire to help others to promote their interests, as well as an equal desire to help yourself to advance your financial position, now, in conjunction with the financial system instituted for you at

Q. Do I need to form a certain type business model, incorporate, or attend any school?
A. The answer to these three aspects are left up to your judgement, however, you must comply with any legal agency requiring any licensing or any other certification in the jurisdiction where you will establish your agency!
Q. Will I be able to represent other agencies?
A. Yes. There are no restrictions as to whom you may represent, however our relationship with you is our main interest, and we want it to be a favorable one!
Q. What if I own a business already, such as a printer's shop, can I add an additional stream of income by representing
A. Yes. In many cases there can be a seamless integration of services that complement the other!
Q. Why is your compensation package so simple and generous?
A. Our plan is to reduce the complexity of how, when, and why your labor should be rewarded. Isn't that the reason you're in business anyway?


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Dedicated to the restoration!

What does it take?
 A "village" is not necessary here, no, only one!
Why should an advertising agency involve itself
in something so personal?
This has nothing to do with advertising,
some would say! We disagree! Everything we do is personal.
We have decided to minimize the material and value the relationship!
For you who agree with us, be assured that we
should use whatever is at our disposal to reconnect
this all important human truth!

It starts with me.
We are dedicated to the restoration of the father in
the lives of our children. This is an essential ingredient
to the stability of our future.
What about you? is our donation!
Will you help?