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Once you jump!

It was summer 2013, sitting on my modest porch, contemplating what am I to do at this late stage of my life without a stable retirement ahead.
Thinking, what on earth am I going to do for my children after me? Then, it came to me!

I had to do the impossible before that fateful day. The absolutely insane in such a short time. Well this thought, that I was entertaining was impossible, well actually it wasn't. It isn't impossible! It just hasn't been attempted on this scale before. 
Not to bore you with the reading about the motivation for this enterprise, but in capsulized form, here it is!
itsfree2you.com, truly is.

No buy one, get one free! No "discount Tuesdays!' No Black Fridays. No 20% off this Saturday only!
How about FREE? Is it possible? Not only possible, trust me from now on there will be much more of it!
Sure, I'm responsible for starting to tackle this venue, but surely I will not be the only one to provide you with the impossible, with FREE!

I'm not going to extol my schooling, degrees, accolades, any such things, I have none of consequence! However, regular guys coupled with impossible can provide an impossible service to the masses!
Others who work along with us in this endeavor, likewise are in agreement that our "About Us" page is really about YOU!


You Can Help

The impossible requires a battle! There's not even an option. A ground war, an acquisition of territories, even theoretical casualties! Here is no difference. This is and will not be easy! There is ferocious opposition! For this and other reasons there is desperate need for support! You can help! We extend the opportunity to you to participate in various ways! Maybe you can physically represent FREE in your area, or support us from the comfort of your surroundings by words of encouragement, or monetary donations to our efforts! Our continued march forward thrives on your participation. Thanks for your voluntary involvement! Management

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